2008 at Nickel Lodge

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The Official Visit of the District Deputy Grand Master begins with Dinner before Lodge

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A formidable Kitchen Crew


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The Distinguished East

left to right front row:

V. W. Bro. J Gilpin Senior Past Master Nickel Lodge, R.W. Bro. Ed Rennie DDGM Sudbury Manitoulin District, W. Bro. George Nichols Worshipful Master of  Nickel Lodge, R.W. Bro. Rene Carlson DDGM Nipissing East District, V.W. Bro. Art Madore Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.


left to right middle row:

W. Bro. Henry Dykalski Worshipful Master of Doric Lodge #455, W. Bro. Michael Chorkawy Worshipful Master of Bethel Lodge #699, W. Bro. Ed Patton Worshipful Master of Algonquin Lodge #536, W. Bro. Lyle Redden Worshipful Master of Friendship Lodge #691.


left to right back row:

W. Bro. Harold Saville District Secretary, R.W. Bro. J. David Innes representative candidate for the evening.



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The Officers


Presentation of the Nickel Lodge Bursary at Cambrian College
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Our Worshipful Master - W. Bro. George Nichols presents our bursary to Ms. Stacy Sutton





Ladies' Night following the Installation of Our Worshipful Master 

W. Bro. Clive Stephenson

Past Masters Night

October 15th 2008


Left to right front row:

W.  Bro. Reijo Luoma, W.  Bro. Chris Kemp Sitting as Master, Bro. Don Ross, Candidate, W.  Bro. Clive Stephenson Worshipful Master of Nickel Lodge #427 W.  Bro. Dumerge Horace,

V. W. Bro. John Gilpin S enior Past Master Nickel Lodge, R. W. Bro. Robert Fleming  DDGM Sudbury Manitoulin District


left to right middle row:

W. Bro. Robert Fontaine, V. W. Bro. Bob Storie, W. Bro. Al Stonier, W. Bro. Paavo Liukko


left to right back row:

W. Bro. Milt Fleming District Secretary, R. W. Bro. J. David Innes,  W. Bro. Grant Boyce, W. Bro. Greg Newson, W. Bro. Mike Dowling, W. Bro. Ken Alexander, District Chaplain


  Sudbury-Manitoulin District Veteran Appreciation Night  

November Emergent Meeting

Bro. Fred Kirk received his Second Degree during the Annual Reciprocal Visit of Friendship Lodge No. 691

Pictured with Bro. Kirk are the Officers of Friendship Lodge, the Worshipful Master of Nickel Lodge, the District Secretary and the DDGM


During the Annual Reciprocal Visit, Friendship Lodge was presented with a 50th Anniversary Kneeling Cushion from the Brethren of Nickel Lodge


Designed by Bro. Stephen Fleming,  Created by W. Bro. Milton Fleming,  Financed by R.W. Bro Robert Fleming