Our May Meeting - Installation

The newly Installed Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Thomas E. King is joined by his Sponsors - Installing Master V.W. Bro. Clive F. Stephenson and W. Bro. David Kennedy.

Our October 2nd Meeting

Friendship Lodge January 8th 2014 Meeting

Nickel Lodge attended Friendship Lodge No. 691 for the 54th Reciprocal Visit and The Officers of Nickel Lodge and Passed Bro. Trevor Bracken to the Fellowcraft Degree. W. Bro. John Robbie, the Worshipful Master of Friendship Lodge No.691 stands to the right of his newest Fellowcraft Mason.


In this photo, left to right: Bro. Denis Bracken, Father of Candidate, Bro. Trevor Bracken and R.W. Bro. Clair Bracken, D.D.G.M. and Uncle of newest Fellowcraft in The Bracken Family.

Nickel Lodge January 15th 2014 Meeting

Nickel Lodge March 5th 2014 Meeting


Nickel Lodge March 19th 2014 Meeting


Nickel Lodge April 2nd 2014 Meeting-Official Visit


R.W. Bro. J. David Innes 50 Years a Freemason April 12th 2014