Our May Meeting - Installation

The Fleming Family attended Nickel Lodge Meeting
and during a Call-Off and presented Bro. Stephen Fleming, Master Elect with a gavel.

Our January Meeting - 53 Reciprocal Visit

W.Bro. Roger Kitching and Members of Friendship Lodge No. 691 attended our Lodge
on the occasion of their 53rd Visit and Initiated Mr. Justin Proulx into Masonry.

After the close of Lodge the Officers of both Lodges assembled for a photo
along with V.W. Bro. Lyle Redden, a Grand Steward and member of Friendship Lodge.

Front row left to right: R.W. Bro. Robert J. Fleming, Secretary Nickel Lodge;
V.W. Bro. Lyle Redden, Grand Steward; W. Bro. Roger Kitching, Worshipful Master of Friendship Lodge; Bro. Justin Proulx- E.A.; W. Bro. Stephen R. Fleming, Worshipful Master of Nickel Lodge; Bro. Bruce Burgess, Tyler Friendship.

Second Row left to right: W. Bro. Ray Barlow, Friendship; Bro. Ryan Lipic, S.D. Friendship;
Bro. Kevin Pattison,J.D. Friendship; Bro. Tom King, J.W. Nickel; Bro. John Robbie, S.W. Friendship; Bro. John Miszczak, J.W. Friendship; Bro. John Mason, I.G. Nickel;
and W. Bro. Ben Mullins, Director of Ceremonies of Friendship Lodge.

Third Row left to right: W. Bro. Greg Newson, Assistant Secretary Nickel; Bro. Mike Lalonde, Treasurer Nickel; Bro. Mark Woodliffe, S.S. Friendship; Bro. Dan Rowe, I.G.Friendship;
W. Bro. George Nichols, J.D. Nickel; W. Bro. Oliver Koski, Chaplain Friendship;
Bro. John Reynolds, J.S. Nickel; V.W. Bro. Robert Lewis, Friendship; W. Bro. Rob Lipic, I.P.M. Friendship; W. Bro. David Kennedy, S.D. Nickel;
and R.W. Bro. J. David Innes, Director of Ceremonies of Nickel Lodge.

Our February Meeting - Step-Up Night

Brother Tom King lead a team of Nickel Lodge members in the initiaion of Mr. Michael Edgar.

Bro. Tom King, Bro. Michael Edgar, W.Bro. Stephen Fleming, and R.W. Bro. Keith I. Jordan.

Tough Times Dinner Febuary 23

On Saturday evening of the 23rd of February, members of Nickel Lodge hosted a "Tough Times Dinner" for the D.D.G.M.'s Project 2506. Spouses and Masons and their spouses and friends enjoyed a dinner of weiners and beans ( including hot dog buns), jello and rice pudding. This was followed by a Charlie Chaplin black and white silent movie. The evening included great fellowship. The admission was a $20.00 per person donation
to the "Masonic Foundation of Ontario- Project 2506".

Tough Times Dinner Project Donation

On Wednesday March 6th; R.W. Bro. Keith I. Jordan, D.D.G.M. made his Official Visit to Nickel Lodge. The Lodge had recently held a Tough Times Dinner as a Fund Raiser for the D.D.G.M.'s Project - "Feed the Hungry". Though the presentation cheque indicates an amount of $1260.00, the actual donation was $1300.00.
In the photo left to right, Project Chairman- W. Bro. Roger Kitching, the Worhsipful Master of Nickel Lodge, W. Bro. Stephen Fleming and D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Keith Jordan.

D.D.G.M. Official Visit - March 6th

On Wednesday March 6th; R.W. Bro. Keith I. Jordan, D.D.G.M. made his Official Visit.
After dinner, the Brethren adjourned to the Lodge Room for the Initiation of Mr. Phillipe Ruff.
His Grandfather, Bro. Paul Ruff presented him with the Working Tools
and his Uncle, Bro. Paul Ruff Jr. of Gothic Lodge No. 608 in Lindsay
gave the Charge to the Candidate.

In this photo, left to right: sponsor- R.W. Bro. Rob Fleming; W. Bro. Stephen R. Fleming,
Bro. Paul Ruff Jr.; newly initiated Bro. Phillipe Ruff;
sponsor - Bro. Paul Ruff Sr. and R.W. Bro. Keith I. Jordan, D.D.G.M.

April Meeting

Mr. Steven Stobo was Initiated into Nickel Lodge on April 3rd.
Left to right: W. Bro. Steven Fleming; sponsor- R.W. Bro. Robert J. Fleming; Bro. Steven Stobo, the newly initiated member of Nickel Lodge; W. Bro. Greg Newson- sponsor
and R.W. Bro. Keith I. Jordan - D.D.G.M.

Nickel Lodge celebrated the arrival of Mr. Steven Stobo into Masonry on April 3rd.
One Fellowcraft and five Entered Apprentices were present to celebrate his Initiation.

Left to Right: Bro. Shane Tweedy, Fellow-Craft; Bros. Steven Stobo, Glen Mersereau,
Angus Morris- Entered Apprentices; W. Bro. Steven Fleming, Worshipful Master;
Bros. Justin Proulx, Michael Edger and Phil Ruff - Entered Apprentices
and R.W. Bro. Keith I. Jordan, D.D.G.M.

On April 18th at Cambrian College

Bro. Thomas King, Senior Warden (on left) and W. Bro. Stephen Fleming
presented Mr. Evan Abitong with the Nickel Lodge Bursary for 2013.

Prior to Espanola Lodge No. 527 May Meeting

Nickel Lodge No. 427 and Espanola Lodge No. 527 celebrated the 60th Anniversary .
of V.W. Bro. Frederick W. Bright's Membership in Masonry on May 1st.

Left to Right: R.W.Bro. J. David Innes; who had the benefit of W. Bro. Bright's assistance when he was District Deputy Grand Master in 1991-1992; W. Bro. Stephen Fleming;
R.W. Bro. Keith I. Jordan; V.W. Bro. Bright with Certificates which had been presented by the Worshipful Masters of each Lodge; W. Bro. Wayne White of Espanola Lodge .
and W. Bro. John Robbie of Friendship Lodge No. 691, Great Nephew of the Guest of Honour.