Masonic Education - March 2018

In this portion of our website, I will present various articles that I hope readers will find interesting and educational. Hopefully a new one each (calendar) month. Most, if not all articles will not be my own creation, so I will indicate my source of information. Should I depart from or add to the original script, I will indicate in brackets [ ]. As some of the entries on a website are done in ''code'', there may be slight variations from the original script which I may not indicate in the brackets.

DRUIDS: The ancient lawgivers and priests of the Celtic tribes. They are mentioned in Julius Caesar's De Bello Gallico and probably possessed a system of secret initiation and recognition. But the theory that to them freemasons owe any part of their ancestry has long since been abandoned.

The Most Ancient Order of Druids is a much more recent manifestation but is still of respectable age. It is in no sense masonic but its history displays features of considerable interest. Notable members in their day included Aubrey, Wren and Stuckley. Stuckley, under the name of 'Chyndonex', was Chosen Chief (1722-65) of the then newly reorganized Order. By a curious coincidence the re-organization took place in 1717 and at an assembly of delegations from Druidic and Bardic Circles all over Great Britain and Ireland and from Britany, which was held at the same Apple Tree Tavern where, in the previous year, the momentous meeting of the 'Four Old Lodges' had been convened.

In later years some sections of the Order translated themselves into a Friendly Society but others preserved the 'ancient wisdom'. In 1964, from a reconstruction emerged in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, which held ritual meetings to some of which non-members were welcomed, but this has since been dissolved.

from 'A Reference Book For Freemasons' - Frederick Smyth

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