Masonic Education - December

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December 2017

The year 2017 is the 300th Anniversary of Freemasonry. I think only appropriate to make this first article about what happened 300 years ago.

''APPLE-TREE TAVERN: An old London inn which has long ceased to exist but which was in Charles Street (now part of Wellington Street), Covent Garden. The tavern's association with Freemasonry was, firstly, that in 1716 the third of the 'Four Old Lodges'was meeting there. Now known as 'the Fortitude and Old Cumberland', it left the 'Apple-Tree' in 1723 and there is no record of the inn's continuing in masonic use. The second and more important reason for mentioning the place is that it was where the four lodges (so writes Anderson) in his 1738 Constitutions) convened in 1716 and formed themselves into a Grand Lodge de tempore. The following year as a result of that meeting the mother Grand Lodge of the world was constituted, but at another hostelry-the 'Goose and Gridiron'.

It is perhaps of interest that it was at the 'Apple-Tree' also in 1717, that the Druids reorganized themselves.

(Source-A Reference Book for Freemasons-compiled by Frederick Smyth {Q.C. CORRESPONDENCE CIRCLE LIMITED LONDON 1998}