Masonic Education - December 2018

In this portion of our website, I will present various articles that I hope readers will find interesting and educational. Hopefully a new one each (calendar) month. Most, if not all articles will not be my own creation, so I will indicate my source of information. Should I depart from or add to the original script, I will indicate in brackets [ ]. As some of the entries on a website are done in ''code'', there may be slight variations from the original script which I may not indicate in the brackets.



In the Craft it is an essential part of the furniture of a lodge room; on it are placed the Three Great Lights. Too often in English practice it is inconveniently combined with the Master's pedestal, but elsewhere the two are clearly separated. Indeed, under many jurisdictions it is customary to place the altar well away from the East, more often than not as central feature of the lodge room and with the three candlesticks set about it. In the Royal Arch and in some degrees related to it, there is an altar 'wrought in the form of a double cube'. In several Orders of Christian Freemasonry an essential and prominent feature of the apartments in which they meet is a rectangular altar in the East, with the principal officers seated on either side of it.


I thank our Webmaster for allowing me to contine in contributing to the Masonic Education portion of the website.

R.W. Bro. Robert South