The Worshipful Master and the newly Invested Officers for 2018-2019


In this photo, left to right: front row - Junior Deacon- Bro. Larry Paguandas, Junior Warden- Bro. Angus Morris,Worshipful Master- W. Bro. John M. Reynolds,D.D.G.M.- R.W. Bro. Rejean A. Daigle,Senior Warden- Bro. Thomas Morris,Senior Steward- Bro. Jonathon Levesque; second row - Secretary- R.W. Bro. Robert J. Fleming, Historian- Bro. Chris Carr,Director of Ceremonies-R.W. Bro. Clive David Stephenson,Senior Deacon- Bro. John Leonard,Chaplain-W. Bro. Stephen Fleming; third row - Junior Steward-Bro. Jordan Douglas, Inner Guard-Bro. Clayton Pearso, Immediate Past Master- R.W. Bro. J. David Innes,Organist- Bro. Kevin Hawley, Tyler- W. Bro. Gregory Newson, Treasurer- W. Bro. Michael Lalonde. Absent: Assistant Secretary- Bro. Jordan Tizzard.