50 Years of Reciprocal Visiting



l to r: V.W. Bro John Gilpin, Member of Nickel and Friendship Lodges, V.W. Bro. Milt Fleming, Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario,

W. Bro. Brian Howe, Worshipful Master of Nickel Lodge No. 427 G.R.C., W. Bro. Brian Post, Worshipful Master of Friendship Lodge No. 691 G.R.C.

A wonderful repast, and good fellowship was shared by all



  Our sincere thanks to these Ladies of Nickel Lodge, who looked after the meal  

The Meeting




Our senior and junior Grand Stewards   The attending Brethren   The Masters of Nickel and Friendship Lodge flank our senior and newest members

Our Veteran

V.W. Bro. John J. Gilpin

  Our Masters

W. Bro.'s Post and Howe

  Our Initiate

Bro. Leduc